Maria fernanda Gonzalez

Maria Fernanda Gonzalez is a Barquisimeto-based multi-instrumentalist and journalist. After years of studying cuatro, mandolin and violin, Maria decided to take up the bandola llanera, an obscure Venezuelan instrument with well-known few female performers. She has performed internationally including the Festival of Música llanera the Silbón (Venezuela), the festival Girara de Oro (Colombia), the 32nd Music Office Curitiba (Brazil), The International Jazz Festival Barquisimeto (Venezuela) and Folklorico Summer Festivals (Portugal and Spain). She recently completed a European tour- traveling to Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, France, and Italy- performing joropos, a traditional music of the high plains of Venezuela, with the ensemble Jirahara. She is currently enrolled at The University of Yacambú, Venezuela where she will receive a degree in social communication. She also teaches master classes on the bandola llanera and is working on codifying and writing a new universal teaching method for the instrument. Through performance and education and promotion of the bandola llanera on the scale of the Venezuelan cuatro and the joropo llanero, she seeks to promote the integration of women into the field of interpreting traditional Venezuelan music as it is one in which they are sorely underrepresented.

Lara Klaus

Lara Klaus is a Recife, Brazil-based multiinstrumentalist, singer, composer, educator and music therapist. Lara focused on mastering traditional percussion such as pandeiro, alfaia, zabumba and other world music instruments along with the rhythms of Northeast Brazil. She has played at festivals around the world including the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland) and has performed and taught all-ages workshops throughout South America, Europe and the United States. Lara has been featured in ensembles with renowned Brazilian musicians including Luciano Magno, Elba Ramalho, Roberto Mescal and Moraes Moreira. She participates in the NGO Integrarte, where she works with musicians with Down syndrome, and for several years she was musical director of the Maracaarte percussion group. In March 2018 Lara released her debut solo album entitled "Força do Gesto", with music production by Tomaz Alves and Lara herself.

Daniela serna

Daniela Serna is a Bogotá-based composer, percussionist, educator and sound artist. As both a performer and educator, she has spent the last ten years working with traditional Caribbean Colombian rhythms such as bullerengue, gaita, cumbia, porro and fandango music styles. Well versed in global rock and pop, her travels have taken her to Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina. She is the founder of La Perla an all-female Caribbean folk band, recent winners of the XXXI Festival de Gaita larga Francisco Llirene in Ovejas, Sucre. In 2014 she presented “Bullerengue Covers,” a sound installation exploring the sonics of tambour alegre (hand drum) and surrounding space for which El Puente, her experimental duo with Uva Lunera, composed the music. In 2012 she won a Señal Radio Colombia contest to perform with legendary folk-singer bullerengue queen Petrona Martínez.


sara Lucas

Sara Lucas is a New York-based singer, songwriter and guitarist.  As co-bandleader of Callers, a project she founded with multi-instrumentalist and composer Ryan Seaton, she has co-produced and released three full-length albums (Fortune, Life Of Love and Reviver) and a seven-inch split with Luaka Bop artist, Delicate Steve. They have toured Europe and North America headlining and supporting others such as Dirty Projectors, Here We Go Magic, ESG and Wye Oak and have shared stages with Nat Baldwin, Patti Smith, Arto Lindsey and Tune-yards. Callers has earned spots at festivals including Primavera Club (Spain), Tanned Tin Festival (Spain), Crossing Brooklyn Ferry at BAM (Brooklyn, NY), Festival de la Musica Nelle (Italy) and the Hillside Fest (Guelph, Ontario) and have played as guests on WNYC’s Soundcheck and Spinning On Air, VPRO in Amsterdam, Netherlands and the Dean Jackson Show on the BBC in Nottingham. In 2015 Lucas served as a facilitator for production workshops with youth in Brooklyn and Hudson, NY with Found Sound Nation and Hear Be Dragons. She is currently working on a solo record.